The Zillow Tagline is " Your Edge in Real Estate". For REALTOR®s, it should read "Your Reason for Jumping off the Edge in Real Estate." Let me explain, for the fourth week running I am ready to pull my hair out. As the listing specialist on my team there is NOTHING worse than a phone call, email, or text (or all three) from a seller complaining that their listing is no longer appearing on Zillow. This has been happening ever since the notorious merger of Zillow and Trulia was announced. Yesterday that merger became legal and it is official, the two companies are now merged. Today, 13 of my 19 listings disappeared from my Zillow profile page where we had Reclaimed them at least four times over the past month or so.

What can be done? Who can help? I ask the millions of Zillow users, why? Why do you think this site has the information that you need when they do not. It is inaccurate, inconsistent, and a joke. The inaccurate and inconsistent is FACT, the joke part, well that's my opinion.

Zillow has consumers fooled and THAT is a shame. Here's the kicker: Zillow sells ad space to agents to list their listings as high priority and to appear at the top of searches on the Zillow site so that the consumer will sign up with that listing agent and let them help them buy a home (we call them leads in the real estate business). Well folks, those agents do not get any special treatment when listings disappear. Their listings disappear randomly too. They are paying Zillow to NOT list their listings. How 'bout them apples?

So please, dear sellers, do not berate your agent who has your home listed in the MLS because Zillow has randomly taken it off of their portal. We have absolutely ZERO control over the how and why this occurs randomly on a regular basis. We can get this problem straightened out and within 15 minutes, they have done it again. Every time this happens, we reach out to Zillow and they appear to be very apologetic and fix the problem within 24 hours. That is 24 hours that your home, Mr. Seller, is not listed on the Zillow site and your REALTOR® has no control over it. And then it happens again, sometimes the same day, sometimes that week, sometimes a month later. Please realize this and do not accuse your agent of not marketing your home properly because it's not on Zillow. It may not be on Zillow but it is on about 900 other websites that get it right every day. It may not be on Zillow but it is in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that distributes the correct information through it's distribution portal (IDX).

What we do have control over is the MLS and all content that goes into it to properly market your home. How a portal, such as Zillow, chooses to pick up that information and distribute it (or not), is beyond our control. Our listings are on Zillow only because consumers have been bamboozled into thinking it is the best place to find listings and information on pricing. ZILLOW IS THE LAST PLACE CONSUMERS SHOULD BE LOOKING FOR ACCURATE INFORMATION ON LISTINGS AND REAL ESTATE. Let me say that again, ZILLOW IS THE LAST PLACE CONSUMERS SHOULD BE LOOKING FOR ACCURATE INFORMATION ON LISTINGS AND REAL ESTATE.

Use a REALTOR®, use your REALTOR®s mobile app, use - in my opinion, if you use Zillow, you get what you deserve, which is, today - nothing, because most of the agents I know had their listings disappear on Zillow today.

Just say NO to Zillow. (should I get a registered trademark on that?)