This Saturday is the Gulf Coast Makercon!
Tampa Bay’s annual Celebration of the DIY Inventive Spirit, showcases and supports the creative and innovative efforts of area Makers and Artists across a wide range of fields including mechanical, electrical, communications, transportation, hardware and software development, heritage crafts and trades, arts, music, gaming, modeling, and simulation. A concentrated extravaganza of:• Inventors• Heritage and 21st century Crafters and Makers,• Mechanical and Electrical displays and projects,• Young Makers creations,• DeConstruction Zone (go ahead, tear it apart!)• Workshops & Entertainment,• Southeast Combot (fighting robots) Championship• Electrathon car races, and much more!

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Highlighted below in blue and featured pictures are the Herndon Real Estate Groups open house's for the weekend. I promise you don't want to miss out! We have a couple homes that just had price adjustments and are fantastic homes. So what are you waiting for!? Check them out. Enjoy your weekend