This video blog is about  What we at the Herndon Real Estate Group believe and live by and why we do what we do.

Communication is important to us. Making each party in the transaction feel as though they are valued, buyer, seller, and both agents. We believe in just doing the right thing, at every turn. There is no amount of money that is worth our integrity and reputation. We are not perfect, things will go wrong inevitably, we will fix them and move on. We are building a business one customer at a time, by developing relationships. We do not want a "one and done" business, we want our customers to be so happy that they refer everyone they know to us. We want to be a resource to the community for referrals to businesses that assist with home maintainence.

We believe that we can help buyers and sellers reach their goals while keeping open lines of communication, maintaining integrity, and providing the utmost in customer service and market expertise.

We are always looking to develop new relationships with homeowners,  home buyers, and real estate agents to help them reach their real estate goals in the Tampa and Greater Fort Lauderdale markets.  Call us anytime.

Michele Herndon

Herndon Real Estate Group

Keller Williams Realty

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