“It’s the end of an era!” Yes, that’s how one of our neighbors reacted when I told them we were moving out of Mirabay. As a REALTOR® we speak to friends, family, and customers every day about moving, about listing your house, about things to do to your home to make it more marketable. Now the shoe is on the other foot. We are prepping our home for sale; painting, pressure washing; changing out faucets; cleaning and painting tile and grout, servicing the a/c’s, getting our house keeper in to do the deep-down-and-dirty-prep-to-sell cleaning. Holy crap! It’s a lot! We are moving and the decision was not an easy one to make. 

The decision to uproot our personal lives and move was a very difficult one for our small family of three. Why? Why are we moving? The sole reason for our move is that the drive to Jesuit High School has become too much for us after three full months of tackling the traffic from Apollo Beach to Tampa. Jesuit High School is located just north on Himes past MLK. We have driven it every way possible and there is no way to get around the 50 to 1:15 drive EACH WAY, sometimes 3 round trips a day. As business owners, this takes away time from our business and as a student, it takes away from my son’s study time, down time, and extra curricular time. 

It’s time for us. We have lived in our fantastic community of Mirabay for 12 years. We moved into our first home on Sea Turtle place on October 25, 2005, the day after Hurricane Wilma chased us out of our last home in Plantation, FL. My son celebrated his third birthday in that first home about one and one half months after we moved into it. My Mom visited that home several times, and her last visit was October of 2007, which was the last time we saw her before she died in May of 2008. We developed life long friendships while we lived in that house that we cherish to this day. Our best friends were made at Mirabay functions at the clubhouse, impromptu parties on porches, holiday gatherings with friends who, like us, had no family locally. We have countless fond memories shared with friends and neighbors.

We, like many of our friends and neighbors, had to do a short sale on our home in early 2009. The market tanked, the boat manufacturing business (which was Carl’s livelihood for 30 years) tanked, and there was no way around it. Still, we remained in Mirabay and rented a home for the next 18 months. When we asked Ashton, then 7, where he would like to move he said, “Anywhere, as long as it’s in Mirabay.” Then it was our turn again to purchase a home, and again we made the decision to stay in Mirabay. In July 2010 we moved into our current home. We have been there for seven plus years. Even more fond memories have been made in our home on Brighton Shore. We love our home. We love our neighbors. We love our neighborhood. 

We love Mirabay, which is why, as REALTOR®s, we have chosen to do the majority of our business in Mirabay and Apollo Beach for the past 11 years. We love to sell in the community that we love. We will NOT be moving our business. We will continue to provide the expertise, experience, and customer service that our neighbors have come to experience and expect from us. Our team office will remain 3 minutes from Mirabay, in the Mirabay Plaza at the Keller Williams office located there. It will be so much easier for us to travel to our office here against the flow of traffic headed into Tampa daily. My son’s and our family’s quality of life will return to normal with this move. And our business will continue to thrive in it’s current location. 

What we will miss most about living in this prime location of Mirabay is morning coffee in jammies with best friends; hopping on the golf cart for a spin around the neighborhood, walking and bike riding the loop; impromptu porch and happy hours at the last minute with neighbors; long holiday weekend parties with friends and neighbors; chatting out in the street with neighbors to catch up; watching the sun come up over the fountains as we head out in the morning; popping by the gym to speak with Ashley or Donna (rarely to work out BTW 😉); floating around our brand new pool with cocktails in hand - laughing with friends; and of course; movies on the lawn; Easter egg hunts; breakfast with Santa; and what's most poignant for us is we will miss the Christmas morning breakfast (that turns into all three meals and midnight cocktails) in jammies with our Mirabay family we love so much (Maybe we'll hire a party bus to have everyone hop in and come to South Tampa!). We will live in Tampa for convenience sake. Our hearts and professional lives will remain in Mirabay and Apollo Beach. However, when it comes to being so close in proximity to the many many fantastic friends and especially those friends who have become family - it truly will be The End of An Era.