One of the great things about living in the Tampa Bay area is that there are so many places in close proximity that offer you access to work, entertainment and waterfront activities, yet they are distinct on their own and very different from one another. Hyde Park, Apollo Beach’s South Shore and Brandon are nothing like one another but have individual appeal and value while each area's distinct real estate market means that properties in these locations appreciate and depreciate quite differently.

No matter what market conditions exist there are always "deals." It just depends on what you want or expect from your investment. Are you looking to renovate it and flip it? Are you looking to live in it for a few years? Are you looking to hold it long term and then sell it? The answers to these questions will best determine the home, villa, townhouse or condo you should purchase. In certain areas, flipping is not an ideal choice for a property. In other areas, it could benefit you financially. Budget allowances will always determine your best path.

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