Preventative maintenance is needed each and every year, and probably more so than adding a mudroom. Although they’re not exciting, regular maintenance on your home can help save you money in the long run. And if you skip it, you could be facing some big problems.  

An Ounce Of Prevention

Why is preventative maintenance so important to you and your home? First, remember that this is where you and your family live. It’s where you sleep, host guests, and spend quality time together. Anything this central to your life deserves some TLC now and again.  But as Organize My House explains, regular home maintenance can be less expensive than repairing something that goes wrong. Consider your furnace. No matter how often you use the heat, it needs to be cleaned and maintained every few years. The cost is minimal in comparison to buying a brand new furnace when the old one dies in the middle of winter.  In addition, home buyers want one that’s been taken care of by the owners. If you want to sell your home someday, doing some preventative maintenance now can help you sell your home faster and for more money. If you clearly take good care of the place, then prospective buyers will be able to trust you more. Do yourself a favor and create a home maintenance schedule that can keep you accountable.

Maintenance Anyone Can Do

Then what kind of maintenance should you be doing? The easiest thing to do is regularly clean the place. That means much more than a quick vacuuming of the rugs. Especially in the kitchen and bathrooms, clean thoroughly and deeply. Power wash the outside every so often as well.  You should also regularly check your home for drafts and leaks. Sealing any drafts with weatherstripping or caulk can not only save you money each winter, it can help protect your home from the severe cold of winter. And catching a leaky pipe or faucet can mean the difference between a small job you can do yourself and hiring a contractor to repair water-damaged walls. You should also check your foundation for any cracks.  You should also caulk around tubs and showers. Gaps in the caulk can let moisture in between the tubs and floors, leading to black mold. If this spreads too far inside your floor and walls, you could be looking at a seriously large bill for repairs. The Family Handyman has a fantastic tutorial that walks you through how to caulk your shower or bathtub.  Lastly, don’t forget about painting walls. Colors become dull over time and can easily look outdated. Adding a fresh coat of paint every so often can help your home look much better.

Hire Pros For These Jobs

There are many DIY maintenance projects you can do, but there are some tasks that require the tools and training of a professional. The Huffington Post explains that you shouldn’t work with anything involving pipes, wiring, or gas. The risk is too great for someone not trained and experienced in these areas.  Likewise, gutter cleaning is part of the necessary preventative maintenance for your home, but you may not want to risk being up on a ladder doing the work!

Prevent Major Problems

Although preventative home maintenance may not be an exciting way to spend your evenings or weekends, it helps protect your home and saves you money in the long-run. Seal any leaks, keep things clean, and hire professionals for the risky jobs. After all, nothing saves money like not having to pay for expensive home repairs.