• We are switching cable providers. I will never go without the Weather Channel again. Had to travel to Atlanta to get it.
  • We are getting quotes on Roladen Shutters and Wind resistant windows. One or the other is a must.
  • We are buying a whole house generator.
  • We will switch 3 sets of French doors and two single doors that all lead in from outside to "open out" doors. They could have easily blown in, literally.
  • We are getting a sign that reads "Looters will be shot."
  • Our hurricane-hop-in-the-car-on-a-moments-notice plastic bin will be stocked and updated once a year. Hadn't done this in years, 12 years is a long time to go between hurricanes and it's easy to forget you should be prepared at all times.
  • We will be more involved in making sure we vote in a resident from Apollo Beach to the Hillsborough County commission. At present and in the past, our representative has sucked wind and not been an advocate in any regard for our area.
  • We will advocate for Hillsborough County building code to be upgraded to Miami-Dade code. It's amazes me that even after Andrew, the building code is not Miami-Dade compliant and I feared that, 1. Our roof would blow off. 2. Our doors would blow in. 3. Our windows would blow in because they are so cheap. The builders in the building boom era of 2006, used the cheapest windows they could (at least our builder did.)
  • In the coming weeks nothing will be more important than helping our fellow Floridians recover from the meanest hurricane to hit our shores. We will be involved in the recovery efforts wherever we are needed most.
  • There is a lesson to be learned for those that did not evacuate  from mandatory evacuation zones: Yes, you got lucky this time Tampa Zone A non-evacuees. Take a look at the footage of the aftermath in the Keys, THAT could have been your result. God's grace alone saved you. We are blessed that we took the "good side" of the storm and had minimal surge. 
  • Biggest impact: FAMILY, FRIENDS, and LIVES matter above all else, things don't.
  • Thank you for the texts, emails, calls and Facebook messages to check on us. Our neighborhood luckily didn't even lose power and the worst damage was a few fallen trees. Truly blessed to have averted total disaster by the storm jogging east 25 miles.

Much Love and quick recovery to all!

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