As a former teacher, school administrator, and district administrator, walking into a school during the last week before summer evokes memories that both make me smile and cause a bit of melancholy. Through an opportunity afforded to us through our local South Shore Chamber of Commerce, I went to our local elementary school, Apollo Beach Elementary, to drop off breakfast for all of the teachers as a gesture of gratitude. A simple gesture such as this was so appreciated by the teachers and administrators who are so often so under-appreciated.

When I walked through the doors and into the teacher lounge to set everything up, a rush of memories came upon me. The excitement that fills the air in the last week of school. The anticipation of almost three months off of work. The electricity that emanates from the students as they too anticipate a summer off to relax and have fun. I used to love and dread the last week of school because I knew I would no longer see my students every day, whom I had grown to care for very much.

As I watched the teachers come in today, I felt a sincere warmth for each of them. I so appreciate what they are going through this week as the school year winds to a close. I have been searching for a way to show my appreciation to my compatriots and I found it by becoming affiliated with Homes for Heroes®. Homes for Heroes® provides real savings and rewards for heroes who work every day to make our communities safer and better places to live.

Our core group of heroes are educators, military (active and retired), police officers, firefighters, educators and healthcare workers. If you think you might qualify tell us what you do for your community. When you are buying, selling or refinancing a home, let us say thank you for all that do! For more information and to see if you qualify for a rebate of 25%, visit the Homes for Heroes® website.

No better way for our hometown teacher heroes than to wind down the school year with a good breakfast and the opportunity to live the American dream of owning a home. Thank you Apollo Beach Faculty and administration for another fantastic year, enjoy your well deserved time off, see you in August!

Aside: I bought my first home when I was a teacher, boy would I have loved the Homes for Heroes® program! Have a great summer all!