Strategy is the key to selling your home in the last few months of the year. The holidays will be here before you know it and it's critical that you put together an action plan and implement it now, to be sure that you get the best results to get under contract, close and move by the end of the year.

The fourth quarter of the year can cause some sellers to worry if their home hasn't sold yet. But according to, there is still time to sell. Often times, many buyers want to move and get situated before the actual end of the year and the holidays arrive, but that shouldn't worry sellers.

There here are some important factors that may help you get your home sold: 1) remember that the number of buyers may be reduced as we head closer to the holidays; 2) there are always motivated buyers looking during the holiday season, especially if they're out looking at homes in dreary weather or nearing the holidays.

With this in mind sellers need to be sure to make the most of every showing; don't get lazy with the upkeep of your home despite the fact that you are juggling selling a home, working, taking care of the kids and prepping for the holidays. Be flexible with your showing scheduled. Getting your home sold in the fourth quarter must be a priority (with the goal being to sell sooner, rather than later, in the quarter).

It is a good idea for sellers to look at the sales activity in their market. You may find that the holiday season provides you with less competition on the market. Many people may have to purchase before the end of the year to meet their tax guidelines, yet another advantage.

Another key to selling during this time is staging your home. The fourth-quarter sale requires a good strategy like using an expert stager where you can decorate for the holidays, but don't overdo it so as to turn prospective buyers off when they see your home. With a reduced number of buyers (actually they are the most serious buyers) seeing your home, make the most of each showing by having a well-staged and clutter-free house to show off. In any market, proper staging strategies provide a competitive advantage. Don't over due the decor!!!!

Finally, the fourth quarter can see more buyers because interest rates remain historically low. The impending threat of a rise in mortgage rates could have more buyers willing to lock into an exceptional rate, despite that it means making a move during the holidays.

A more serious pool of buyers coupled with stronger interest rates and less competition makes the end of the year a great time to sell. Please contact us if you have any questions about your specific situation.