1. Professional Photography - Be sure that whomever you choose to list, market and sell your home has a professional photographer come in and take professional photos of the interior and exterior. If you have a pool or have the benefit of a waterfront home, or a home with a great view of anything - it is critical to capture that and focus on it. A really good agent will provide professional staging for you, prior to photographer coming out. 
  2. Solid Marketing Plan - Should you choose to interview several agents, be sure to ask them for their marketing plan as they are sitting with you reviewing why you should work with them. If they cannot speak to how they will market your property in a very explicit manner or provide you with a detailed written plan, that is a warning sign. Good agents provide their sellers with a marketing plan that has proven successful with all of their sellers.
  3. Communication - Have you ever purchased a product or service and the salesperson took your order and you never heard from them again? It’s not a great feeling. Don’t let this happen to you in your real estate transaction! Ask your prospective agent what their communication plan throughout the transaction will look like. If they stutter and stammer, “Houston! We have a problem!"
  4. Listening to the Market - It is critical that you listen to the market throughout your listing period. More important, it is key to your success in selling that you listen to your REALTOR® when they recommend a listing price to get your home sold for the highest amount of money in the shortest time. Check the agent’s history on their statistics for days-on-market. Check their statistics for pricing strategies (because you need a pricing strategy). Check to see what the agent’s pricing strategy is and how they implement it. When your home hasn’t had any showings after two weeks, it is time to listen to the market and adjust your price. When your home hasn’t had an offer after 10 showings, it is time to listen to the market and adjust the price. Of course, this pricing strategy only works when you have two other key factors that get homes sold, 1. The condition of the home is pristine, and 2. a solid marketing plan that works has been implemented. If both of these items are true, it will always come back to the price.
  5. Your REALTOR® - This is the ONE thing that matters most when you list your home. Ask your friends, family and neighbors for their recommendations on who they would use if they were going to list their home. Interview those people. Be sure that your REALTOR® is the right fit for you and does the other four things above. Click here to get a list of questions to ask agents during your interview.