This weekend is the Macdill Airfest!

Dates, Times, Location

Tampa Bay AirFest 2016 takes place March 19-20 at the base. Officials say spectators will find the Dale Mabry, MacDill and Tanker Way gates open to them from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday both.

“Security Forces personnel will be directing all traffic to the designated parking area,” base officials wrote in an email to Patch. HART bus riders will also find that buses will run to the base. Information about rides on Hart can be obtained on that organization’s website.


AirFest is free to attend. Parking is also free.

Premium seats are available for those who wish to pay for them. The prices start at $25 and climb to $125. For more information, visit MacDill online.

Highlighted in pink below are the Herndon Real Estates Group Listings  and featured pictures for this weekend. Have fun and enjoy!