Congratulations! You just passed your Real Estate Exam! Now what?

  • It’s not about sales, it’s about helping people.

    • It’s about people. It’s about helping. It's about running a customer centric business. Period.

  • Putting people in your car to go look at houses isn’t the job.

    • Figuring out who, how and where you get them and how to serve them is the job. 

  • Where you hang your license is important.

    • Be sure your core values align with the brokerage culture when you join. I chose Keller Williams Realty for this reason. 

  • Training is important. Expertise comes from learning - learning never ends.

    • My first broker when I got back in the business in 2006 told me to not hang around other agents and don’t spend too much time in classes. (He was an idiot.)

  • Your license course work has ZERO to do with day to day business in the real estate world.

    • While the laws are important to know - business practices and learning systems and how to use tools is KEY.

  • You are not the smartest person on the planet that has a real estate license.

    • Follow the lead of others who have had great success through learning from their mistakes. Don’t recreate the wheel. Do what other successful agents have done before you. It works.

  • Time blocking and gathering people to help buy and sell homes will bring you success.

    • Just do this from day one and it won’t take you long to find success. 


We are always looking for good agents to join our team and share our vision with them for how we can help them reach their goals.  Contact us if you'd like to talk about real estate as a career.